13 Jan

The boudoir photography session!! Brides-to-be are stripping down either partially or completely and paying to have soft-porn photos taken of themselves as a gift for their grooms. 

The word boudoir dates back to the Victorian era when it referred to a lady’s private rooms, which she used for dressing or bathing. By extension, boudoir photography describes shots that capture a woman simulating such private activities. The photos show women in lingerie, or without lingerie, posing coyly or provocatively. Brides, who represent the bulk of boudoir clients, “often bring veils, garters, and wedding night lingerie, but their future spouses’ favorite sports jerseys or work shirts are also popular,” says Ruiz at The Daily. In the past several years, and especially with the recent explosion of daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social, boudoir photography has become increasingly popular. 

Like or Dislike? 

123708320985021774_yIw5jrfu_c bridal-boudoir-pictures-taken-by-haute-shots-boudoir-photography2 IMG_33978web

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