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20 Mar

3d52ac85cdd80cd8cdc5811fdb694d7dSo before the big day, you should consider some de stressing activities!

*Meditate: Remember to Breathe!!! Once or twice a day, morning and night, try taking time for yourself and Zen!

*Scents: Lavender is well-known for its soul-soothing capabilities, but others, like jasmine, chamomile, and basil, have proven relaxing benefits as well. “Dab some lavender or rose essential oil onto your wrists to shift your mood quickly,” Kadison says. Or, light a perfumed candle or brew a cup of floral tea for a little sweet-smelling repose.

*Stay Connected: Under the pressure and stress of planning a wedding, it’s easy to lose touch with the person you love most — your groom-to-be. Schedule date nights, be it a dinner out or a movie in, to squeeze in some quality alone time.

*Take Care of U: Don’t neglect yourself and your inner & outer body needs and wants! Get going for a nice run, Any type of physical movement will help produce more uplifting and stress-stablizing endorphins.

*Acknowledge Feelings: It’s okay to feel a little jittery. “Our culture and society believe that engagement is supposed to be only a happy time, but that’s just not reality,” says Paul. In fact, fear often accompanies prewedding excitement and joy. It’s normal, healthy even, to question this lifetime commitment, and just because you’re concerned, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to get married. Acknowledge your nerves, discuss them with a trusted confidant, and move on. If your nerves start getting the best of you, find a close loved one to confide in. She can help you traverse the tricky transition from girlfriend to fiancee to wife.

*Journal Your Thoughts: Its always good to express some of those emotions as your big day approches. It helps them from festering into anxiety! Identify whats bothering you and what you want to remember later. It’ll be great to go back to them later on and remember these times before your I Do’s.

*Pamper Yourself and Ask for Help if Needed! 

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